Sylacauga Chamber of Commerce, 17 West Fort Williams, Sylacauga, Alabama 35150, Phone 256-249-0308, Fax 256-249-0315
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The Chamber Staff

Laura Strickland
Interim Executive Director


Jennie Williams
Administrative Assistant

Who We are

When the citizens of Sylacauga join forces, good things happen! When they join the Sylacauga Chamber of Commerce, great things happen! It is the cooperative effort of all the members and the community that unifies us and enables extraordinary accomplishments for the entire area.

The mission of the Sylacauga Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership and promote the economic advancement, business climate and quality of life for the City of Sylacauga and surrounding areas.

Sylacauga is blessed with abundant natural beauty and rich resources, in a strategic location in the center of the state. Navigable waterways, rail freight services, excellent highways and jet runways link our region with the markets, goods and services required to drive a dynamic economy. The Chamber of Commerce is the hub of the business community, the information source, & the promoter of all business. The Chamber is a resource center and helps people establish & improve business. The Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization supported by member investors and the City of Sylacauga.

The Chamber of Commerce is located on the main street off highway 280 on Fort Williams Street next to the Post Office. The Chamber offers a cordial welcome and invaluable assistance to residents and visitors alike. Yet the strength of the organization rests not just with its directors and staff, but also in the energy and commitment of its members throughout the area.

From all of Sylacauga and the surrounding areas, leaders in every category of commercial endeavor discover in the Chamber of Commerce benefits that help to improve their individual businesses as a whole. Your Chamber of Commerce . . . Growing at the speed of business!

The Chamber of Commerce exists to give people a strong and effective voice to people working toward common goals. Those goals include the orderly growth and economic development of Sylacauga and Talladega County.

We remain constantly busy at the Chamber. The following statistics are a rough estimate of a year's activity:

  • Local Phone calls - 6,000
  • Out of Town Phone calls - 1,000
  • Meetings held - 226
  • Bulk Mailings - 12,000
  • Local Visitors - 1074
  • Out of town Visitors - 370
  • Business Prospects - 24

Communication is an important aspect of Chamber of Commerce membership. Problem solving, positive publicity and strong public relations grow from the joined efforts of people working together. Is it what you know or who you know that creates opportunity? In either case Chamber of Commerce forums and programs are prolific incubators for business opportunity for all the members. In context of business counseling, after-hours casual conversations, morning coffee networking, grand opening business acquaintances, or cooperation in civic projects, members have the chance to establish the relationships that nurture individual business and bolster the success of the community initiatives.

Providing services to businesses in Sylacauga keeps Chamber staff busy. We are researching contact lists, processing mailers, sending member faxes and e-mails, updating the website, tracking demographics, and assisting members, the community and visitors with numerous and varied requests. The goal of all the Chamber's work is to support Sylacauga and the surrounding areas in the quest for excellence in business and in quality of life. By sharing a glimpse of our area, we seek to introduce Sylacauga at our best, honor our citizens, to treasure our assets and to welcome our readers to join us in building a strong future.